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11 November 2010 @ 03:17 pm
Bookbinding Workingshop Report Back  
Jordan demonstrating a sewing technique (or was it stab?)In the spirit of celebrating badass women, several members of the zine club and their friends attended a fantastic bookbinding workshop taught by Jordan Alam, a sophomore at Barnard on Wednesday November 3. The workshop allowed zinesters both old and new to connect over cookies and juice boxes while learning valuable bookbinding techniques. The different book types that Jordan taught ranged from simple folded pamphlets to decorative Japanese Stab and allow even more creativity and variety in zine making. 

Speaking of zine making, the deadline for submissions for the Barnard Zine Club’s first zine about Badass Women has now been extended to November 15! The techniques that Jordan taught will certainly be put to use on it.  After all, nothing is more badass than a well put-together zine.--Juliana Strawn, BC '14

Olivia, Vanessa, and Juliana

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